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Kidzy; Child-Safe Web browser For Concerned parents

Internet is a supply of practically infinite entertainment and information for everyone. Children may take great benefit from the. Nevertheless the fear of inappropriate content like pornography, online being a nuisance, child predators and many others is real.

Kidzy is a full-screen internet browser that could be employed to let young kids browse the web within a secure and risk-free environment that isn’t provided by mainstream web web browsers like Firefox as well as Chrome. The application’s parental manage features aren’t very flexible, but they do ensure that your kids only get to browse the net pages that you might have explicitly allowed the crooks to.

Kidzy is an easy app in relation to functionality. In simple fact, we’d rather replace your message simple with limited. From its USER INTERFACE, it clearly seems that the app is fashioned with children in mind, with its cartoonish keys and colorful surface area. Kidzy automatically blocks having access to all websites automagically, and displays a access denied meaning should anyone tries to see them. To allow having access to a website, you need to specifically add it to the favorites/bookmarks list.

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Cryptolocker virus alert


An file is being sent through email as well as the recipients are launching them, opening a data file and it’s seizing your computer, encrypting all your files and locking you out. And this is no joke, when you pay the “ransom”, you will get your files back (or maybe not). Or you can call a technician plus they can try for getting your files back, but honestly… the cost may be as much as the ransom is made for the decryption of the files. This is horrifying to industry. Have a customer pay ransom or even have us spend hours in your computers to get the computer back up and running.

1. ) If you’re backing up with an external hard disk, ensure you are copying everythnig (many people think they are, but are not).
IMPORTANT: Eject the external hard drive from the computer afterwards. If it remains connected, the external hard drive can still be encrypted.

2. ) Backup on the internet. I can help you to with this services, we can backup not only just one computer, but as many as you want.

3. ) We are finding that virus and malware detection products will not likely stop this particular attack, but having something is preferable to nothing in my estimation as it “might help” as the virus and adware and spyware companies by now know about the attacks and hopefully adding to their updates.

4. ) Backup your entire computer and documents with a “image backup” and when something goes wrong, we can bring your laptop back to their state it was at prior to the attack (or just about any virus attack or os crash).

If you have a very computer that has already been encrypted and will need help, contact us.

If you desire to protect your computer against this happening, email us.

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Microsoft Support Phone Scam

I get regular calls from clients proclaiming they got calls from a “Guy from India” employed by “microsoft”. Some get trapped into your calls and eventually permit the “tech” to remote in to their computer, some say goodbye and call me personally – they did the proper thing. Same story, it’s a swindle.

The Scammers show individual event logs associated with warnings and tell you that you’ve tons of viruses, or your system is wanting repairing. They now also install a software program and that shows individual errors (that could be common for your personal machine to have) and that you need to hire them on $99 or their particular “unlimited support” deal at $149 to $300.

Friendly reminders…Microsoft can never call you to tell you that your personal machine has viruses, say goodbye on anyone instantly that wants having access to your computer, call me next if you’re you might possess a virus either method.

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Best Start Menu add-on for Windows 8

Just about the most talked-about UI elements of Glass windows 8 is its Start Display screen. Microsoft believes that Start Screen provides ideal environment to interact while using latest operating system, but most Windows enthusiasts think otherwise. As you can imagine, it’ll take some time for users to adjust to the new interface, but right this moment, absence of certain features that we’ve used by so long makes the entire experience a tad awkward for the majority of. One of those features will be the Start Menu. Many of us are so attached by it that the abrupt change seems almost like an anomaly. From what the word round the web tells us, users have minimal grudge against the Start Display screen itself, but simply want for being given the choice to switch between Start Screen and Start Selection. If you’re among those folks that miss the Start Menu within Windows 8, here’s a rundown of ten amazing, free third-party Start Screen modifiers and commence Menu apps that may satiate your requirements.

Pokki For Windows 8

Pokki may be known for creating dedicated apps intended for various web services, like Zynga, Instagram, YouTube, Tweeter, Gmail etc., that can be pinned and also accessed from taskbar. In truth, the application has now become so popular that this developer has started throwing within a few games as well. Pokki’s Start Menu app for Windows 8 is among the best looking Start Menu modifiers we all tried. The slick design allows you to quickly access your favorite data, folders and applications, including these apps, which are available on Pokki App Store. It even has choice to boot directly to desktop, disable warm corners, specify Win key behavior and a few other settings. You may also check out our Pokki review.


Snazzy pattern
Includes a plethora of attractive Pokki apps totally free
Search field displays result intended for local and web items
On auto-pilot disables Start Tile
Notification panel that keeps an eye on integrated web services like Facebook

High memory consumption
Doesn’t allow you to gain access to Modern UI apps
No skin packs as of this writing
Download Pokki For Glass windows 8


If you’re seeking something more simpler, then StartMenu8 will be your best bet. StartMenu8 should happen to be called StartMenu7. Why? It looks quite comparable to Windows 7 Start Menu. On the other hand, it lacks customization and you’d have to adhere with the default cosmetic makeup products. Pressing the Win key launches the start Menu, while holding it for around 2 seconds takes you for the Windows 8 Start Screen. You may also check out our StartMenu8 evaluation.


A convenient and convenient to use Start Screen replacement
A familiar layout and design we’re all accustomed to

Start Tile occasionally hides the the start Orb
Lacks customizability
Doesn’t support try to find Modern UI (Windows Store) apps
Download StartMenu8

Classic Shell

Classic Shell was actually the very first utility that caught our attention, during our hunt for Start off Menu modifiers. Not only does it restore the good ‘ol Start Menu all of us love and adore, it boasts a plentiful of customizations too. Apart from providing you with personalization methods of Start Menu, it also will allow customizing the Windows Explorer. All of the settings can be accessed and also tweaked from Settings > Basic Start Menu. Classic Shell features three different Start Menu models; Windows Classic, Windows XP and also Windows Vista/Windows 7. It goes a number of steps further via letting you decide on amongst a few different Skins, Windows Aero, Metro, Smoked Goblet, Windows Basic, just to name a number of. If that isn’t enough, feel free to choose your favorite Start Orb design. Another noteworthy feature is its capability to prevent Start Tile from bogging down the start Orb. So overall, Classic Shell is the the most effective modifier on our list. You may also check out our detailed evaluation.


Loads of customization possibilities, support for 36 languages.
Allows you to disable Start Screen Tile and also choose custom Start Orbs.
Different skin packs and three diverse Start Menu styles.
Can be used to customize Windows Explorer.

Default skins don’t look therefore fascinating
Advanced settings may befuddle most novice users
Download Basic Shell


Win8StartButton could have been our utmost choice if lack of personalization options didn’t plague the deal. It basically shrinks the Start Screen because of Start Menu size, so chances are you’ll easily access the apps devoid of hopping onto the the ex- UI. Win8StartButton however, feels pretty buggy, for instance, Win key introduces the Start Menu, but it will simply deny to response upon further key stroke. On the particular bright side though, the search feature is highly efficient and lets you instantly find both Modern and also Standard UI apps.


Offers Start Screen for the desktop
Search function can discover both Windows Store and computer’s desktop apps

Lack of customization may turn off many
Erratic Win key response
Supports a single language that may limit user base
Download Win8StartButton

Start off Menu Modifier

Start Menu Modifier doesn’t really add anything for the desktop, but simply slim downs the particular already available Start Screen. Like this, you don’t need to exit the desktop to get into Modern UI apps. The application lets you choose the size and position on the Start Screen as well. In addition, if you have multiple displays linked to your PC, you can select the screen on which you intend to display the Start Screen. Study our detailed review.


Start Screen can be accessed from within the computer’s desktop
Multiple displays support
Easy to utilize

Doesn’t allow setting personalized pixel density
Download Start Selection Modifier

Revel BringBack

In the event you really like Windows 8’s Current UI design, then adding Revel BringBack to your desktop probably sounds great. In truth, it looks so gorgeous (and perfectly sits while using new interface) that we wouldn’t back away recommending it. The white color and minimalistic theme helps it be a dainty companion of Glass windows 8. The options windows, and this can be accessed by clicking the tools button within the Start Menu, lets you set a number of custom parameters, for example, command Win key behavior, toggle Start Menu border and several other settings. Pinning shortcuts for the menu is also possible and yes it shows off your current screen picture, too.


Captivating Current UI interface
Lightweight app which compliments Windows 8 design

Limited customization options
Sports only plain white interface design
Search function just isn’t as robust as one would expect it for being

ViStart is yet another Start Screen replacement you can search. From its Options menu you possibly can toggle a few behavioral variables, such as, Enable Auto-Click feature, Show ViStart’s Tray Icon, Invoke Vistart having Windows Key etc. Similar to other modifiers within the list, it’s also plagued by the few nuisances like inability to go looking Modern UI apps from search field and commence Tile conceals the Start Orb when mouse cursor hits the bottom left corner. Check out each of our detailed review.


Displays user profile picture
Ability to specify Win key behavior

Only a number of configuration options
Doesn’t support personalized Start Orbs
Search function can not find Modern UI apps
Download ViStart

Spesoft Windows 8 Start off Menu

Spesoft Windows 8 Start Menu is among the most simple, yet an elegant looking Start Menu readily available for Windows 8. The utility, albeit successfully brings back the start Menu, feels quite lacking with regards to features. In fact, there aren’t any customization settings per se. It looks quite similar to help Windows 7 Start Menu, but is quite basic. You cannot change the start Orb, nor are there any skins or menu styles that it brings to the table. As a result, you may only try Spesoft Windows 8 Start Menu in the event you don’t want to fiddle around with lots of different settings (and you fancy ordinary designs).


Zero configuration Start off Screen replacement utility
Offers Glass windows 7-like Start Menu layout

Plain and simple design having jaggy edges
Doesn’t feature virtually any customization options
No profile picture support
Unable to search intended for Modern UI apps
Download Spesoft Glass windows 8 Start Menu


Another handsome alternative that may rule your Windows 8 computer’s desktop is Power8. The former does not have customizability, but Power8 overwhelms with this regard, at least to a particular degree. For instance, you may modify the start Orb with a custom photograph and specify Aspect Ratio, toggle Automotive Start, Block Metro features etc. It puts a lot of emphasis on shortcuts. Therefore, you can simply access power options like Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, without hovering above any Power sub-menu. What’s much more, it allows you to pin shortcuts for the Start Menu. Read our comprehensive review.


Start Orb can be replaced with a custom Start off Orb image
Quick access to help power options
Shortcuts for used often items and applications
Portable (no installment required)

Not much of eye candy
Search function doesn’t assistance Modern UI apps
Download Power8

Start off Menu X

Start Menu X will be the only application we found which boasts resizing options. You may scale its size both vertically and also horizontally, as well as level the font size of choices and applications. It even allows you to choose among a multitude of skins and commence Orbs, where the latter lets you choose among Angry Birds, Apple mackintosh, Windows 7 and Windows 8 keys. Additionally, you can add personalized menus and application shortcuts. Aside from Free version, Start Menu X boasts Pro variant, which contains a number of extra settings.


Ability to help scale menu size.
Custom skin packs and commence buttons.
Automatically disables Start Tile and also overrides Win key behavior.
Search feature to quickly find Current UI apps

Doesn’t provide System Power options including Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate
Inability to switch Win key behavior
Download Start off Menu X

So it’s no surprise there are a sheer number of Start Screen replacement apps at your disposal, each boasting its own set of features and options. Classic Shell and Pokki may win the show on the subject of aesthetics and personalization, but the rest in our list don’t dissatisfy either. Free free to share your opinion within the comments below.

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Windows 8.1 unveiled: will it change your mind about Windows 8?

Summary: The Start button is back. But that’s just one of a very long list of changes you’ll find in Windows 8.1, which will be available as a preview in a few weeks and will be released before the end of the year. Don’t let the name or the price tag (free) fool you: this is a major update. Here’s what’s inside.

By Ed Bott for The Ed Bott Report | May 30, 2013 — 13:07 GMT (06:07 PDT)

It’s not just about the Start button.

Yes, that’s the most obvious element in Windows 8.1, the much-anticipated update to Windows 8. You’ll find the new Start button, which looks exactly like the Windows 8 Start charm, on the Windows 8.1 desktop, nestled in its old familiar home at the left side of the taskbar. You’ll also find it at the bottom of the app switcher, in place of the Start screen thumbnail that occupies that spot in Windows 8.

But there’s much more to Windows 8.1 than just that tiny button.

Yesterday, I sat down in San Francisco for a two-hour whirlwind tour of Windows 8.1 with Microsoft’s Jensen Harris and Antoine Leblond. It wasn’t a hands-on session, and I didn’t leave the room with a copy of the latest build. Like you, I’ll have to wait until the end of June to dig into this update. (A public preview for Windows 8 and Windows RT is scheduled for release at the beginning of the BUILD developer’s conference. The final version of Windows 8.1 is due before the end of the year and will be delivered free to all Windows 8 and Windows RT users through the Windows Store.)

Still, two hours was long enough to see the sweeping changes that are going into Windows 8.1. Don’t let the “point-one” moniker or the price tag fool you. This is a significant update that clearly represents much more than just a reaction to seven months’ worth of occasionally brutal customer feedback about Windows 8.

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Now offering i-phone and i-pad screen replacements

APCR is proud to announce a new service

As of 28 November 2012 APCR will offer i-phone and i-pad screen replacements.

Top quality ipad/iphone screens
Unlike some repairers, we do not use cheap chinese ipad/iphone screens. All of our ipad/iphone screens are high-quality, factory tested, and come with an after-sales warranty, ensuring you get the newest model, and best possible quality of repair. These screens are shock and scratch resistant, just like your original ipad/iphone screen, so when you get an Adelaide PC Repairs ipad/iphone screen repair, you know your screen will last over time.

New digitizer
When we replace your ipad/iphonescreen we also replace your digitizer (“touch sensor”), so that this component is also the latest model. The ipad/iphone screen digitizer is the component that senses when you place a finger on the phone and tracks its movement and gestures.

Adelaide ipad/iphone screen repair
All the work on your phone is done locally, by local experts. By using APCR for your ipad/iphone screen replacement, you are ensuring the fastest possible turnaround time and local after-sales service if anything goes wrong. Being backed by a local company means you have the support right here when you need it.

Best prices on Adelaide ipad/iphone screen replacement
APCR has years of experience in technology repairs and offers consistently lower prices on all technology repair services, including ipad/iphone screen repairs. When you come to us for service, you get the best possible result at a very competitive price, every time.

Fixed rate prices
All Adelaide ipad/iphone screen repairs are capped at just $99. This includes replacing the front glass and digitizer of your ipad/iphone with a full 30-day after-sales warranty.

Phone us now, for fast, friendly service
0422 214 996

For current prices please see

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‘knock off’ usb chargers for your phone – not a good idea

Ken Sherrif has published an interesting article that provides the results of tests on ‘name brand’ and ‘knock off’ USB chargers.

Having lost 3 mobile phones to charging issues in the last 12 months, this article really got my attention.

the bottom line is that it might be worth spending a bit more on a decent charging device to protect your $$$-worth of expensive mobile phone device.


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Free screenshot software – Lightshot

The fastest way to do a customizable screenshot

Fast screenshot of selected area

App allows you to select any area on a desktop and to do its screenshot by 2 clicks


Simple interface, nothing useless and light weight makes your work with the app easier

Share screenshots via Internet

Upload your screenshots to server to get a fast web-link on it

Powerful online editor

Edit your screenshots as soon as you made them

Similar image search

Find visual similar images. Select any image on your screen and find dozens similar images.


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Free disk burning software – IMGBURN

ImgBurn is a CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application


Read – Read a disc to an image file
Build – Create an image file from files on your computer or network – or you can write the files directly to a disc
Write – Write an image file to a disc
Verify – Check a disc is 100% readable. Optionally, you can also have ImgBurn compare it against a given image file to ensure the actual data is correct
Discovery – Put your drive / media to the test! Used in combination with DVDInfoPro, you can check the quality of the burns your drive is producing

ImgBurn supports a wide range of image file formats – including BIN, CCD, CDI, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG and PDI.

It can burn Audio CD’s from any file type supported via DirectShow / ACM – including AAC, APE, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4, MPC, OGG, PCM, WAV, WMA and WV.

You can use it to build DVD Video discs (from a VIDEO_TS folder), HD DVD Video discs (from a HVDVD_TS folder) and Blu-ray Video discs (from a BDAV / BDMV folder) with ease.


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