Quotation Fee
APCR charge a standard quotation & assessment fee of $77 for all pc and tablet repairs that are not commissioned.

Service Guarantee
Service guarantee applies ONLY to the specific fault that is repaired and is ONLY valid inside the specified timeframes below.
– 7 days for software repairs.
– 90 days for specified hardware repairs.
– 12 months for screen replacements and hard drive replacements.
Guarantee does not cover ANY fault other than that stated at the time of the original repair.
It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to check any repaired device and to make any required warranty claim within the specified period. Any outside-of-period warranty request will be refused.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to avail themselves of alternative computing resources during the time that devices are being repaired. Unforeseen delays can occur. APCR accepts no liability for any inconvenience or financial loss caused by delays in repair.

Data Loss
Backup of data is solely the customer’s responsibility before submitting their computer/hardware for repair. APCR will not be held liable for data loss under any circumstances.

Payment Terms
Invoices not paid for within 30 days may result in sale of repaired computer hardware, and moneys claimed to the costs of repair/assessment/handling. Any further amount will be sent to debt collection. The customer (signee) is fully liable for all additional fees incurred in 3rd party debt collection.

Abandoned Computers
Computers will be disposed of if abandoned for over 30 (thirty) days if they remain uncollected.

APCR may discretionally use refurbished parts on some repairs in place of new items. All refurbished parts come with a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated.

Personal Effects and Accessories
In most instances, NO accessories or personal items should be provided with a computer deposited for repair. APCR accepts no liability or responsibility damage or loss of accessories or other articles not requested by us or not related to repair.